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Ticket Station

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Introducing our newest Ticket Station!

It retains all the capabilities of our current model but also has these new features:

  • Enhanced and interesting sounds, and munching audio prompts!
  • RGB lighting on the interior and exterior of cabinet with new light effects while unit is in use.
  • Updated graphics and exterior “curb appeal”.
  • Accepts and recognizes tickets of different lengths and multiple bar codes: allows a location to assign a different ticket value per barcode.
  • Learning mode: allows the unit to “learn” the length and barcodes of new tickets
  • Improved Security – you can program which bar codes will, or will not be accepted – which allows you to run limited-time promotions or prevent counterfeiting.
  • Easily adaptable to the following uses:
    • Tickets in/Standard receipt
    • Tickets in/Card Swipe
    • Tickets in/Choice of either a receipt OR values being applied to the card

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