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Tech Talk
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Monster Drop X-treme Assembly
This video demonstrates step-by-step assembly of the Monster Drop X-treme machine.

Watch the video demonstration at left.

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Monster Drop Upgrade Kit
This video describes the installation of an upgrade for the Monster Drop machine.

The upgrade improves the ball ramp and lift operation to reduce the likelihood of ball feed issues.

Watch the video demonstration at left.


Tips for keeping your Benchmark Tickets to Prizes machine operational between visits to unattended redemption locations...

More and more operators are discovering the revenue advantages of operating redemption. When rooms that operate with no redemption are converted to redemption rooms, net revenue usually multiplies. The Tickets to Prizes machine allows this conversion without the overhead of a full time redemption counter.

We have assembled a list of suggestions to help operators run a Tickets to Prizes machine successfully, especially in rooms that are not full time attended:

  1. Completely stock machine with prizes.
  2. Load tickets or printer paper to last until your next visit to the machine.
  3. Verify correct set up and operation by inserting tickets and dispensing a prize.

Tickets To Prizes - your next most valuable employee . . .

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Clearing a Ticket Jam
When servicing the ticket taker in your Ticket Station or Tickets to Prizes machine, always clear your ticket jams from the top of the mechanism.

Clearing from the bottom will likely create other service issues.

Watch the video demonstration at left.

Keep your Benchmark ticket dispensers running like new:

Remember to lubricate the gears for trouble free operation.

Also: How to change the Drive Belt.

Watch the video demonstration at left.

Monster Drop Balls

Keep your Slam A Winner & Monster Drop working at peak performance!

The balls in these games get a lot of use and will need replacing from time to time. The Slam A Winner requires seven balls in the machine and the Monster Drop requires 15 balls per side. Depending on use, replace the entire set about every three months.

Also, make sure that you keep the correct number of balls in the machines. Too many, too few, or old balls detract from the play experience which will affect revenue, and can also cause reliability issues.

Order the balls from Benchmark Games to ensure they are to spec... Contact Parts

Keep these workhorses at the top of the room with this easy maintenance solution! 

Stepper Motors

Mechanical games and productivity equipment used in our industry are subject to heavy use. It is important that these machines operate reliably in order to guarantee maximum revenue and minimum operating expense. Among the most common components in any mechanical system is the motor. Not all motors are the same, and Benchmark Games uses the ultra-reliable stepper motor in almost every application. Stepper motors differ from the more common DC motors in many important ways that people operating Benchmark machines should be aware of:

1. The stepper motor is almost never bad.

  • Since a stepper motor has no commutator, its life is limited only by the ball bearings which should easily last the life of the machine.
  • Almost none of the stepper motors sent back to Benchmark as bad motors actually have a problem. If there is a problem with a returned motor, it is almost always related to a wire or connector which was probably pinched or pulled.

2. “Grinding” noise from the stepper motor is not a symptom of a bad motor.

  • A stepper motor has no internal gears.
  • A stepper motor makes a “grinding” sound when it is being driven electrically, but does not have the power to overcome whatever it is driving mechanically. If you hear this noise, look for a problem in the system downstream from the motor that may be adding excessive load or binding.
  • No damage can be done to the stepper motor when it is stopped like this, even though it may sound as if something is broken inside. Once the overload problem in the mechanical system is fixed, the motor will return to normal operation.

3. Stepper motor loss of power or direction is usually related to a connection problem.

  • If one of the four or five stepper motor wires are pulled or pinched and no longer making reliable contact, performance will be affected. A bad wire connection can cause the motor to run with very little power, run in the reverse direction, or oscillate back and forth while making a vibrating sound.

In many cases Benchmark Games’ in-house design team uses a different philosophy than others in the industry in order to accomplish higher performance and reliability. As in the case of the stepper motor, a basic understanding can help you with your operation, as components that are vulnerable in other industry machines may not be vulnerable in ours.

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Stepper Motor Video

View the video to see a demonstration of an important distinction of the stepper motors Benchmark Games uses described above.

In the video, you'll see how stepper motors aren't actually damaged when their motion is inhibited, and how they resume normal operation after a problem causing excessive load is removed.


Advantages of standard thickness tickets over 'thin' tickets

Benchmark Games recommends that you use standard (thicker) tickets in your ticket Redemption machines rather than 'thin' tickets, and there are some good reasons we'd like to share:

  • Less downtime due to ticket jams in your dispensers and ticket takers. Our experience manufacturing dispensers and takers has shown that thin tickets definitely jam more often.
  • Less problems reading bar codes. Thin tickets often misread.
  • Thicker tickets are of higher perceived value to your patrons.

To us it's conclusive: Using thin tickets ends up costing you more than you'd save with the larger capacity allowed by using thin tickets.

WEBINAR, May 19, 2011:
Tickets To Prizes - Getting the Most Out of Your Merchandiser

Watch the video replay of our recent Webinar. (click at left.)

Benchmark Games' Service Department discusses helpful tips to maintain your Tickets to Prizes unattended merchandiser.

Tickets To Prizes - Replacing a Prize Door Lock Assembly

This video (click at left) describes the step-by-step sequence to replace the Prize Door Lock Assembly.

Tickets To Prizes - Replacing a Prize Door

This video (click at left) describes the step-by-step sequence to replace a Prize Door on your Tickets To Prizes machine.

Tickets To Prizes - Removing a Prize Tree

This video (click at left) describes the step-by-step sequence to remove a Prize Tree on your Tickets To Prizes machine.

Tickets To Prizes - Replacing a Vend Motor and Vend Spring

This video (click at left) describes the step-by-step sequence to replace a Vend Motor and a Vend Spring on your Tickets To Prizes machine.

Tickets To Prizes - Addressing Interlock Switch Bounce

This condition is apparent when, by pushing on the door, the machine turns on and off, and shows all "8's" on the display.

This video (click at left) describes a simple adjustment for an easy fix.

Fix for Tickets To Prizes "Cutter Cover Open" Error and Ticket Station "Printer Error 4"

Easy maintenance for the receipt printer opto sensor on Tickets To Prizes and Ticket Station (click video at left)

Ticket Taker: Hall Effect Sensor and Motor Belt Adjustments

If your ticket taker doesn't get up to speed and stops in the middle of a stream of tickets, the motor pulley could be adjusted too far away from the Hall Effect sensor, or the tension of the motor belt could need adjustment. This video (click at left) details the issues and adjustments.

Ticket Taker: Solving Single Ticket Feed Issues

This video (click at left) analyzes single ticket feed issues in the ticket takers in Tickets To Prizes and Ticket Station, and demonstrates solutions.

WEBINAR, Sept 8, 2011:
Tickets To Prizes - Under the Hood -
Tech Support Solutions
Watch the video replay of our recent Webinar. (click at left.)

More in-depth Tickets To Prizes support . . . Benchmark Games' Service Department shows video demonstrations, diagrams, takes support questions.