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Written by Benchmark Games
January 12, 2012
Hypoluxo, FL.

Most Factories are usually pleased to tell their customers that they are sold out of any product. However, this is really special announcement as Benchmark is ushering in a new era of coin-operated amusement basketball machines - SUPER HOOPS by Benchmark! Debuting at the 2011 IAAPA Trade Show SUPER HOOPS received a standing ovation as show goers enjoyed one of the most innovative basketball games to come along in a very, very long time.

From the first glance, one could see that this was not an import basketball. It had the distinct look of a game being manufactured by Benchmark Games. It should have because it is! SUPER HOOPS is manufactured at the Benchmark Factory in Hypoluxo, Fl. As show goers got closer, they noticed that this was not the typical coin-operated amusement basketball machine. It was bright, colorful (lots of LED lighting) and the hoop (yes the hoop!), would change colors and move side to side! As they started playing the game, they quickly realized that this was not just another basketball game, but a BENCHMARK basketball challenge.

Benchmark Engineering was quick to realize why other coin-operated amusement basketball machines were just games. SUPER HOOPS was developed to challenge players to go beyond the boundaries of other coin-operated amusement basketball machines. 4 different scoring levels, with scoring challenges in each level (keep the hoop lit and scores start to soar); makes SUPER HOOPS a highly competitive and enjoyable play experience. The engineers also recognized that most all of the coin-operated amusement basketball machines are BIG and CUMBERSOME to transport and ultimately install. SUPER HOOPS was designed for every type of installation. First floor, second floor, basement, wherever! SUPER HOOPS modular design makes any installation (Home Rec or Commercial) easier than ever. It can even fit through a 24" passageway!

As of today, we are sold out of the Street Basketball products. We thank you for supporting our efforts with that product. SUPER HOOPS is out on test and earning like a seasoned veteran collecting $1500.00 in 11 days. There are 3 other basketball games in this facility and SUPER HOOPS bested each machine by no less than $400.00 per machine in the same time frame. Interestingly enough, SUPER HOOPS was placed in the back of the facility, away from the other basketballs. So, the high intensity LEDs did their job in drawing players to this machine!

We are beginning production this month and are almost sold out of the first production run. The second run will begin in Mid-February. Your Benchmark Representative will be contact you shortly regarding your SUPER HOOPs needs.!

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