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Written by Benchmark Games
Wednesday, 07 October 2009
Hypoluxo, FL .

Tired of wasting tickets? Want to save money?

When arcade owners' and game operators' redemption games are in the shop for repair or the machines are being worked on, there is now a way to save tickets and money. Benchmark Games has created and developed a small Ticket Emulator for the repair person to use when it's necessary to check machines for proper operation.

Simply plug the small Ticket Emulator in and it will illustrate all functions.

Three light indicators will show:

    1. The "power" indicator lights when the machine is receiving 12 volts.

    2. The "notch" indicator light blinks every time a ticket is supposed to be dispensed, and

    3. The "run" indicator lights when the ticket dispenser is connected to a logic signal.

All of these functions allow the repair person to know if the machine is functioning properly, while redemption tickets are not being used and wasted.

This is the perfect instrument that is small and fits in a toolbox to check to make sure your Ticket Dispenser is working or use it to substitute for tickets being dispensed. This is essential for any game mechanic.

The Ticket Emulator is not just for Benchmark Games; it is adaptable for other manufacturers' games and can save money and tickets while checking out all kinds of redemption game machines. The cost for this necessary tool is:

One unit - $24.75
Three units - $19.65
Five or more units call for pricing.

For more details on the Ticket Emulator call the Benchmark Parts Department at:
Phone: 561-253-3311
and ask for Dave Thomas or Pete Beck.

Or, find the Ticket Emulator on the Benchmark website at www.benchmarkgames.com/game_ticketemulator.htm