The NEW! Fireball

The NEW! Fireball

The NEW! Fireball boasts a new skill stop feature that allows player to both stop the wheel and then time ball drop – and vice versa.

This allows the player to both manipulate the playfield and the ball drop- skillfully giving them more control over game play and ticket values earned.

Fiery Quick Play that is Five Alarm Fun!


  • New Skill Stop Feature allows players to both stop the rotating wheel and time the ball drop to earn displayed ticket values or win the Bonus in one bounce!
  • Stop It & Drop It (or vice versa!) Players enjoy more skill based control over game play and outcome.
  • Smokin’ hot neon graphics and RGB/black light effects with adjustable light intensity feature.


  • 1 Player Ball Drop
  • 18,000 Ticket Capacity
  • 1 Intelli-Triple Ticket Dispenser
  • DBA Ready
  • Card Swipe Capable
  • 33”W x 40”D x 82”H
  • 84 cm x 102 cm x 209 cm
  • 330 lbs./150 kgs.
  • 1 Year Warranty


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