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Blast headerBENCHMARK BLAST newsletter Archive... Review important announcements, industry info, and helpful tech tips. All issues archived here
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Blast Archive: Jan. 2013 - December 2013
Vol.52, 06-17-2013
Sales Update
Three Great Reasons . . .
Vol.51, 02-05-2013
Sales Update
Love It and Lease It!
Blast Archive: Jan. 2012 - December 2012
Vol.50, 12-31-2012
Sales Update
Keep Your Big Earners Earning
Vol.49, 09-06-2012
Sales Update
Springtime in September
Vol.48, 08-07-2012
Sales Update
Super Skate Show Special
Vol.47, 07-26-2012
Sales Update
Exciting Fall Buying Announcement
Vol.46, 06-08-2012
Sales Update
Bowl Expo Update
Vol.45, 05-04-2012
Sales Update
Lesson: Sensors 101
Vol.44, 04-05-2012
Sales Update
Online Parts Shop Debut
Vol.43, 03-20-2012
Sales Update
Get the #1 Redemption Game, 6 months, zero interest...
Vol.42, 02-21-2012
Sales Update
Need New Games? Have No Money?
Blast Archive: Sept. 2011 - Dec. 2011
Vol.41, 12-19-2011
Year End Update
Happy Holidays
Vol.40, 11-30-2011
Service Update
Tech Tips for Troubleshooting Slam-A-Winner: What to check if the ball doesn't drop...
Vol.39, 11-22-2011
Sales Update
IAAPA Excitement - The Hits of the Show
Vol.38, 11-02-2011
Sales Update
Need to save money on your 2011 Tax Bill?
Vol.37, 10-26-2011
Parts Update
Benchmark has BALLS! New BALLS that is...
Vol.36, 10-12-2011
Engineering Update
Electrical Wiring Harness Design Methodology
Vol.35, 10-05-2011
Sales Update
New Menu - New Fun - New Revenue
Vol.34, 09-28-2011
Parts Update
End of Summer Clearance: Parts for your Oldies But Goodies
Vol.33, 09-21-2011
Service Update
Tech Tips for Troubleshooting Slam-A-Winner
Vol.32, 09-14-2011
Engineering Update
How does Benchmark Games design a game? Inside perspective from a design engineer...
Vol.31, 09-07-2011
Sales Update
Consistent Earners & Proven Winners...
Blast Archive: May 2011 - Aug. 2011
Vol.30, 08-31-2011
Parts Update
September Special:Benchmark's BOGO
Vol.29, 08-24-2011
Service Update
Understanding Ticket Dispensers... The Mini-Series, Part 4: Benchmark Control System: Using the 485 Communications...
Vol.28, 08-17-2011
Engineering Update
From the Engineering Team: Maintenance Suggestions
Vol.27, 08-10-2011
Sales Updatee
Want to Increase your revenue? ... Add BIRTHDAY PARTIES to your menu...
Vol.26, 08-03-2011
Parts Update
T.L.C. ... Benchmark Ticket Taker Refurbishment Program
Vol.25, 07-27-2011
Service Update
Understanding Ticket Dispensers... The Mini-Series, Part 3: Easy ticket dispenser field maintenance to solve common problems
Vol.24, 07-20-2011
Engineering Update
Fun-ology 101: Benchmark games' Software Design Methodology yields the biggest bang for your investment buck
Vol.23, 07-13-2011
Sales Update
In the Charts: Benchmark Games' Winning Line of Games
Vol.22, 07-06-2011
Service Update
Understanding Ticket Dispensers... The Mini-Series, Part 2: The Standard Ticket Dispenser Interface and the Benchmark Control System
Vol.21, 06-22-2011
Parts Update
Parts Ordering Made Easy
Vol.20, 06-15-2011
Engineering Update
Handy & Helpful Benchmark Games Web Resources
Vol.19, 06-09-2011
Sales Update
Maximizing Monster Drop income
Vol.18, 06-01-2011
Service Update
Understanding Ticket Dispensers... The Mini-Series, Part 1: Meet the Benchmark Intelli-Series Ticket Dispenser
Vol.17, 05-18-2011
Parts Update
Looks Do Matter
Vol.16, 05-18-2011
Engineering Update
Peace of Mind with Unattended Redemption
Vol.15, 05-11-2011
Sales Update
Great Earnings come to those who wait... Monster Drop's amazing collections
Blast Archive: Dec. 2010 - Apr. 2011
Vol.14, 04-27-2011
Parts Update
Scheduled Maintenance/Spare Parts Kits
Vol.13, 04-21-2011
Service Update
Parts & Service Mission Statement
Vol.12, 04-14-2011
Engineering Update
Using Card Swipe: Setting up Card Swipe systems with Benchmark's games
Vol.11, 04-07-2011
Sales Update
Going Mobile: new Pop It For Gold mobile app
Vol.10, 03-31-2011
Parts Update
Ticket Station Upgrades
*03-24-2011 skipped.
Vol.9, 03-17-2011
Engineering Update
Good Communications: RS-485 Communications in Benchmark Games
Vol.8, 03-10-2011
Sales Update
Thank You... (AMOA post show)

New Leasing Program

Tech Talk concerning advantages of use of standard tickets over 'thin' tickets.
*03-03-2011 skipped while attending AMOA trade show
Vol.7, 02-24-2011
Engineering Update
Designed for the long haul...
tips and advice about the stepper motors used in Benchmark machines.

Tech Talk video demonstration on stepper motors
Vol.6, 02-17-2011
Trade Show Update
Don't get TRAPPED...with low earning games...(AMOA preview)

Tech Talk on maintenance of bouncing balls in the Slam-A-Winner and Monster Drop.
Vol.5, 02-10-2011
Sales Update
Step aside, traditional cranes . . . Trap Door debuts (& printable BMI merch coupon)
Vol.4, 02-03-2011
Parts Update
More Happy Customers!!! Intelli-Series Ticket Dispensers

Tech Talk video on maintaining Benchmark ticket dispensers
Vol.3, 01-27-2011
Engineering Update
Benchmark's Engineering Philosophies
Vol.2, 01-20-2011
Sales Update
• Happy New Year from Benchmark Games

Tech Talk tip on clearing ticket jams in ticket takers
Vol.1, 12-16-2010 Holiday Season: Thank You
• Tech Talk: Lubricate ticket dispensers

Webinar: Tickets To Prizes - Getting the Most Out of Your Merchandiser Benchmark Games' Service Department discusses helpful tips to maintain your Tickets To Prizes unattended merchandiser.

Webinar: Tickets To Prizes - Under the Hood - Tech Support Solutions More in-depth Tickets To Prizes support . . . Benchmark Games' Service Department shows video demonstrations, diagrams, takes support questions.

Al Kress Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

The AAMA's Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a veteran industry member with a minimum of 15 years in the industry.This year's honoree, Al Kress of Benchmark Games in Hypoluxo Florida, more than qualifies as he's celebrating 58 years as an operator, distributor and manufacturer.

John Margold, AAMA president, presented the award to Al by saying, "This honor goes to a humanitarian who displays emotional strength, moral qualities, and has an outstanding reputation. This man was one of the welcoming forces when I started in this industry and was a true mentor to me."

Al accepted the award along with his wife Donna. He said, "I'm an operator at heart that went from operator to distributor to manufacturer. Many people made it possible for me to do this, especially my wife Donna, who encouraged me every step of the way."
Al Kress Lifetime Achievement photos


I have strengthened our team and made many internal changes. We have added personnel and we ready to do more business by selling products that will work right out of the box and make more money than most other redemption games.

Look for a GREAT year from Benchmark.

I also have a
new e-mail for Suggestions, Compliments and Complaints:

I encourage you to use it at any time. Thank you for your past support and I look forward to doing more and better business with you this coming year.

Best Regards, Al Kress

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BENCHMARK GAMES IN THE MEDIA media icon media icon tv

Online Article:, November 16, 2012...
Benchmark Games and UDC announce formal agreement for Middle East Sales....

Magazine Article: Vending Times Magazine, November 2011 issue...Benchmark owners Al Kress and Ron Halliburton discuss how small American manufacturing companies can compete and win.

Article: Walk a mile in his/her moccasins - Coin-op style by Jack Kelleher, AMOA OFF THE TOP: AMOA'S ONLINE REPORT Jack Kelleher visits Benchmark Games

Magazine Article: Special US Equipment Issue, InterGame Magazine,
May 2011 issue...
Benchmark's Anthony F. Maniscalco Jr. talks International Sales with Intergame

Magazine Article: EAG Expo preview, InterGame Magazine,
January 2011 issue...
Benchmark's Frank Ballouz discusses the January 2011 EAG Expo in London

Magazine cover and article, Replay Magazine, November, 2010...

Benchmark Games cover and story from Replay Magazine 2010 Issue: "Poised for the Future" IAAPA preview and company profile.

Magazine Article: An Upswing in Attitude, InterGame Magazine, September 2010 issue... Al Kress interview concerning industry enthusiasm evident at the AAMA Gala

Magazine Article: Focus On Fun, InterGame Magazine, February 2009 issue... InterGame Company Profile of BENCHMARK GAMES.

Magazine cover and article, Playmeter Magazine, November, 2008...
Benchmark Games cover and story from Playmeter magazine 2008 Issue.

Magazine Critique: Playmeter Magazine, October, 2008 issue...
Josh & Zach Sharpe in Playmeter's CRITIC'S CORNER TOO! review RedHot!

Magazine Article: Play Machine Europe Magazine, September, 2008 issue... Interview with the Italian magazine during the June '08 Bowl Expo, regarding the Redemption industry.

Magazine cover and article, January/February, 2008...
Benchmark Games cover from Replay magazine 2008 Directory Issue, along with article from the February 2008 issue of Replay. Interview with Al Kress at London trade show. Video shown on the Benchmark Games channel of this innovative industry website. Click Here to View the Video

Magazine Article: InterGame Magazine, May 2005 issue...
InterGame Redemption issue covers BENCHMARK GAMES, Al Kress,
Slam-A-Winner, and Tickets To Prizes

Magazine Article: Replay Magazine, April 2005 issue...
MERCHANDISE MANIA - The redemption game pros at Benchmark have taken the plunge into merchandising with the release of three new units including two new ticket eaters - one that gives prizes
(Tickets To Prizes) and another offering a coupon (Ticket Station) - plus a merchandise version of their popular ticket game Slam-A-Winner . . .

Magazine Article: Time Magazine, October 2002 issue...

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